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Spring 2022 Schedule
Professor Matthew Turner
Department of Economics
Brown University
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  • The dates when we cover particular topics are tentative and will likely depending on our rate of progress. Check here at least weekly for updates.
  • Please let me know if you see broken links or a logical problem with the dates.
  • If you are (or are worried) about missing class becasue of COVID or quarantining, please read the COVID section of Course description and requirements

    The following schedule describes the material to be covered during the term. The dates on which particular material will be covered and when asignments are subject to change depending on our rate of progress. Please check this schedule at least weekly for updates and changes.

    Topic Reading Problems Solutions
    #0:Introduction. Logistics.
    Jan 26
    Course description and requirements
    #1: The Monocentric City Model
    Jan 26, 31, Feb 2, 7
    Notes #1
    • Breuckner Ch. 2 , to section 2.4
    PS#1, due Feb 9.
    #2: Evidence for the Monocentric Model
    Feb 9, 14
    Notes #2
    Recommended: PS#2, due Feb 16.
    #3: Monocentric city model with housing
    Feb 16
    Notes #3
    These two readings are pretty similar. Pick the one you like best. and
    PS#3, due Feb 23.
    #4: Urbanization in the developed and developing world
    Feb 21 -- no class
    Feb 23, 28, Mar 2
    Notes #4
    Required: Recommended: PS#4, due Mar 7.
    #5: White Flight, Gentrification, and Bid-Rent
    Mar 7, 14
    No class Mar 9
    Notes #5
    Required: PS#5, due Mar 21.
    In class midterm
    Mar 16
    Regular classroom
    #6: The Rosen-Roback Model and the Quality of Life
    Mar 21, 23
    Notes #6
    • Breuckner Ch. 11
    • Sinha et al. JUE 2021 This is harder than I'd like, but the best I can find. Just try to get through equation 7.
    PS#6, due Apr 4.
    #7: Agglomeration Economies
    Apr 4, 6
    Notes #7
    Required: Recommended: PS#7, due Apr 11.
    #8: Systems of cities and Zipf's law
    Apr 11, 13
    Notes #8
    Required: Recommended: PS#8, due Apr 18.
    #9: Sorting, local publc finance, and a simple model of heterogenous agents
    Apr 18, 20
    Notes #9
    Required: Recommended: PS#9, due Apr 25.
    #10: Traffic congestion and infrastructure
    Apr 25, 27
    • TBD
    • TBD
    Final, TBD